Gentle Nutrition for every body

Nutrition counselling to nourish your relationship with food and your body

Improve your relationship to food

Feeling out of control around food, having an all or nothing approach and avoiding foods that bring you joy doesn’t have to be the norm. Rachel will work through these issues with you, so that you feel less stressed around food and have more mental space for the important things in life.

Enhance your general nutrition

Wanting to improve your diet to be healthier doesn’t have to mean shrinking your body and living off a strict meal plan. Rachel can provide personalised support if you are looking to improve your overall health without dieting and focus on what foods can be added in rather than taken away.

Build trust in your body

Diet culture teaches us that we must control our bodies through diets, fitness trackers and calorie counting apps to be healthy. Letting go of external influences and body ideals can help you build trust that your body knows what its doing and doesn’t have to be micromanaged.

Rachel is affiliated with the Association for Nutrition

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Rachel is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AFN specialising in intuitive eating, non diet and weight inclusive nutrition.

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Rachel is based in Manchester but offers nutrition counselling online via Skype or Zoom. Click below to inquire about working together.

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