I thought it might be helpful to share some resources that you can delve into if you are new to the non-diet world. Once your eyes are opened to diet culture, its impossible to un-see because its EVERYWHERE and can feel quite overwhelming at times. When I felt like this in the past, the best thing I did was to immerse myself in books, podcasts, blogs and follow people on social media that reinforced the message that our bodies aren’t the problem, its the culture we live in that is!

If you’ve started to hear about diet culture and want to opt out from its BS then I wholeheartedly recommend having a look below, its a bit of a work in progress but I will be adding to it as I go. Some are less specific to nutrition and the non diet framework but cover more general topics which are empowering and shift the focus away from bodies towards things like improving mental health and self care.


Image result for christy harrison food psych
Christy Harrison – Food Psych
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Laura Thomas – Don’t Salt My Game
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Tiffany Roe – Therapy Thoughts
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Fearne Cotton – Happy Place
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Nadia Craddock & Jade Parnell – Appearance Matters



This is the first book I read about Intuitive Eating and I think its the best place to start. It’s written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, the founders of the framework itself! They are two dietitians who came to realise that all of their clients who were trying to lose weight through their perfectly calculated meal plans were not succeeding despite them doing everything that was asked. After diving into the research and discovering that *diets don’t work* they came up with 10 principles for making peace with your body and food, it really is a must read.

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I would recommend reading Laura’s book next as it revisits the 10 principles of intuitive eating but gives them a modern twist. She makes difficult concepts and scientific findings so easy to understand and I love that there are activities you can do along the way to help you unpack some of your own body image and food issues, I’ve found them really helpful. I’ve been listening to her podcast for so long that when I read this its like she is talking me through it, step by step!

I picked this up in a last minute dash to WHSmith  in the airport and I’m so glad I did!

It brings food to life and got me interested in some old classics again such as Heinz tomato soup with bread and salty butter – something that seems to have lost its appeal when its up against smashed avocado on artisan sourdough! It got me thinking about how much of a snob the wellness industry can turn you into when it comes to food but this book brings you back to reality by reminiscing about your old favourites as a kid.

Future Reading Material…

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