Nutrition Counselling

Rachel practices from a non diet approach which centres around improving healthy behaviours in clients to enhance their well-being instead of the focus being on weight loss.

Ways we can work together

Support for every day nutrition

Getting advice on nutrition doesn’t have to be fancy or super technical and you don’t have to have a specific issue to get some support. If you want to incorporate more meat free meals into your week, go vegan, are pregnant or thinking about having a baby or want to optimise your diet to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients but don’t really know where to start, Rachel can provide tailored advice specific to you and your needs.

Intuitive Eating to help improve your relationship with food

Most people have dieted or tried to shrink their body shape in some way and over time this can lead you to feel out of control around food and very disconnected with your body. Going from a strict diet plan one week to bingeing the next can make you feel like you can’t trust your body to tell you what to eat and therefore the safest option is to go back on a diet…and the cycle starts all over again.

Intuitive eating is a framework to help you tune into and eat in accordance with your internal hunger and fullness cues. It encourages you to give yourself unconditional permission to eat and to view food in a more neutral way rather than seeing foods as simply “good” or “bad”. Its a process that can take a lot of unlearning but ultimately will help you to feel more relaxed around food and rediscover the joy of eating the foods you love without feeling guilt or shame.

Rachel can work alongside you at your own pace to go through your history of dieting and unpick those behaviours learnt along the way.

How it works

If you would like to ask some more questions to work out whether I’m the right fit for you, click the link below to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call.

Prior to our initial session I will send you a pre-consultation form to complete, which we will then discuss in detail and go through any areas you want to work on.

Initial Consultation – 90 minutes

Follow Up Sessions – 60 minutes

Depending on the nature of our sessions it may be easier to book a block of 4 follow up sessions so that we can arrange times that suit you at regular intervals. We can work together as flexibly as you feel comfortable, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

“All bodies deserve dignity, respect and nourishment – no matter what”

Evelyn Tribole

Get in touch to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call.

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