What is Intuitive Eating and how can it help you?

Intuitive Eating is a framework underpinned by 10 principles which teach you how to tune into and eat according to your bodies natural hunger and fullness cues as opposed to eating based on external rules e.g. “I can’t be hungry now, its nowhere near lunchtime” or “I won’t have pizza because I’ve already had breadContinue reading “What is Intuitive Eating and how can it help you?”

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about snacking…

For some, snacking is a way of sailing through the day without getting overly hungry in between meals. It’s not something that requires much thought and can be as simple as recognising feelings of hunger and choosing to satisfy them.  However for others its not always that straightforward. Grazing regularly throughout the day by havingContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about snacking…”

Healthy Beetroot dip – two ways!

On Wednesdays we wear pink… ummmmm actually, most days I wear grey and black much to my mums disapproval, “you’ve got your whole life to wear black” she used to say. I’m not entirely sure what she meant by this, so I’m going to eat pink and colourful food instead…does that count?! Whenever we buyContinue reading “Healthy Beetroot dip – two ways!”

Iced mocha smoothie…for when you need a little more than coffee in the morning 

I’ve been dying to make this recipe for ages as we’ve been out of cacao powder for some time but after a trip to Sainsburys I am now stocked up and ready to make this dreamy smoothie! Think iced coffee meets frappaccino but waaaaayyy healthier and only 6 ingredients so it’s an easy one toContinue reading “Iced mocha smoothie…for when you need a little more than coffee in the morning “

Sweet and salty peanut butter ice cream shell

Hands up if you love ice cream! If like me you love the stuff then I think you will also love this sweet and salty peanut butter sauce. It goes really well with my current favourite – Alpro Hazelnut and Chocolate “ice cream” – which is dairy free, low in sugar and it does not disappoint.Continue reading “Sweet and salty peanut butter ice cream shell”

Herby lentil and tomato salad with griddled halloumi

When I think of lentils, hearty winter stews, indian dahl and my favourite vegan shepherds pie spring to mind. Salads are probably the last thing I would put lentils with but they go so well! I’m always trying to come up with new salad concoctions to keep things interesting and this one is easy toContinue reading “Herby lentil and tomato salad with griddled halloumi”